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Spare parts for the sifting industry

Optimise every production line with custom rubber parts Arubis spare parts for sifting industry

What are sifting spare parts?

Arubis sifting spare parts are known to be produced on demand and on any custom dimensions and specifications. Additionally Arubis has most spare parts in stock, and can provide a fast delivery time.

  • Most items in stock
  • Fast delivery time
  • Custom parts on demand

Industry use

The sifting industry uses a very versatile and low cost line of production. Wet or Dry mills using vibro-energy grinding achieve a notable higher output with minimal maintenance and repairs, thanks to limited moving parts. This low maintenance line has a direct effect to your plants production value due to no or very few down times. Arubis provides the default parts for Sweco® and Rotex® systems.

FDA approved rubber parts

Most parts produced by Arubis can be Food and Drug Administration approved. Food grade rubber parts are commonly used whenever a production line needs to preserve the integrity of the products.

Available compounds

  • Polyurethane (PU) - With best resistance to chemicals. Balls in polyurethane have great endurance and ensure tremendous wear life. Choose this compound to maximize bounce and cleaning.
  • Natural rubber (NR) - Has excellent abrasion resistance and tear strength.
  • Neoprene (CR) - Neoprene is highly resistant to fats, oils, weather and ozone. We recommend using this compound for any industry with exposure to fat, oils, ozone and heavy weather.
  • Ethylene Propylene (EPDM) - EDPM is known to have great resistance to extreme temperatures and weather.
  • Buna-N / Nitrile (NBR) - Resistance to fats, oils, weather and ozone. NBR has better abrasion resistance than Neoprene rubber.
  • Translucent silicone (VMQ) – Resistance to extreme temperatures, ozone and oxidation.
  • Plastic Polyacetal DELRIN® - Chosen by industry leaders for high load mechanical applications. Combined with stiffness and strength needed in parts designed to replace metal. It provides a wide operating temperature range and stability in high precision molding.
  • Nylon (PA6) - Used for applications where extra strength is needed. Highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals such acids and alkalis.

Different types of rubber parts

Arubis produces many types of rubber spare parts for very different production lines. Sponge rubber balls are needed to provide the most effective way of cleaning pipes in the cement industry reducing maintenance and downtime. Deblinding balls, commonly referred to as cleaning balls, screening balls, rubber balls or pu-balls are used to clean and remove the buildup on the sieves or sifts without interrupting the manufacturing process. Floating balls can be used to create a tight seal on any type of tube vent, or as a way to create a shadow part on a large pond or lake. Weighing bellows are the flexible part that will often be found as the connection in mixers, feeders or any type of weighing or supply machine. This connection produces almost no reactive force and has no influence on the weighing principle.

More parts for the sifting industry

Arubis is a rubber manufacturer and produces a large variety of rubber products and spare parts for the sifting industry. With decades of experience in the field we are confident we can help you find and produce the exact part in the right quality and compound. Contact us during office hours and we will be happy to provide any assistance you might need as wel as free samples for the sifting industry.